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Welcome to the ESC External Compute Resource Page

Large Memory System with NVMe ("puma-lms")

A large memory system equipped with 3TB of system DRAM, NVMe drives, and a GTX-1070 GPU is available for specialized workflow analysis. This system is a 4-socket Xeon (Xeon Gold 6140) server.

  • 4 sockets
  • 18 cores per socket
  • 2 threads per core
  • 144 total logical CPUs

Access to puma-lms is SSH-only, through the eci.exascale-tech domain on port 5648.

To request access to Foobar Cluster or puma-lms, please send email to and copy (probably Matt Andrus at a minimum).

Getting started

Access puma-lms follows the same procedure, but uses a different port:

     $ ssh -p 5648 <username>

For those who are connecting from behind a proxy server, you will need to configure your terminal to connect through the proxy <add link to another wiki page with instructions for configuring SSH connections through a proxy>.

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  • Steve Buchanan:

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